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  • We have been doing business with Camex Machinery for a couple of years now, our first Kafo machines was installed two years and so far we are very happy with the quality and efficiency of this machine, Tony C (Montreal,QC)
  • I can truly say that KAFO machines are trouble free, not one service call for Camex since we installed or VMC1688, this machine is great and we are getting the second one soon Patrick T ( Sherbrooke, QC)
  • I would like to say thank you for the staff at Camex Machinery for helping us acquire our first double column machine, the machine is running 24/7 without any issues, the surface quality of the molds we are doing is amazing Rob Y (Toronto, ON)
  • We recently installed our first KAFO KA-40 machine so far i can say this machine beats any other machine on the market in capacity, Rigidity and price, i encourage any shop looking to get a machining center to look first at those machines, you won't regret it Mike M ( Ottawa,
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